We offer:

 FHA Appraisal

 Full Appraisal - 1004 URAR $400*
 Full Appraisal (1004 URAR 1mil-2mil Price Tier)


 Full Appraisal (1004 URAR 2mil-3mil Price Tier) Call for Quote
 Full Appraisal (1004 URAR 3mil+) Call for Quote

 Full Appraisal - Condominium


 2055 Exterior $350*
 Small Income Residential (Multi- Unit) $675*
 Desk Review $300*
 Field Review $350*
 Land Appraisal $400*
 Comparable Rent Schedule $100
 Operating Income Statement $100
 Recertification of Value $100
 Final Inspection $100
 Storm Certification


 Manufactured Home Addendum


 Manufactured Home Check List


 Rush Fee (less than 72-hour turn around)


 Court Appearance

$1,000/day or any part thereof

 Cancellation after Inspection Fee


 Additional Comparable Request (post delivery)


 Draw Inspection (Construction Perm Loans)


 *Fee includes Fannie Mae required 1004MC form (effective 4/1/09) and may be waived if applicable ($50.00).

Additional fees may apply for very large homes and/or lots which may require substantially more time to research and prepare reports. Homestar is also a leading provider of ASHI Home Inspections in a tri-state area. Please contact us for more information.

Turnaround Times

Appraisal turn-around times are approximately five working days. Upon request, a 72-hour rush service is available.

Payment Options

We understand the every company has its own way of doing business. This is never more evident than in how you choose to pay for our services. We’re committed to doing business on the most favorable terms of our clients. 

Several payment options are available:

·    Check or Money Order – Please ensure that all checks are made payable to Homestar Real Estate Services, Inc.

·     COD – If you prefer, we will pick up payment at the time of inspection.

·     Payment by Credit Card – A convenient payment option, Visa or MasterCard, especially when third-parties, such as home owners, are involved.